… The suspects …

… In the murder of Elizabeth burns …

ELIZABETH (POWELL) BURNS was nearly 46 when she disappeared from Poke Island. She grew up in Shipwreck Bay, married DANIEL BURNS at age 20, and followed wherever his Air Force career took him. Mother of TAYLOR BURNS and substitute mom of her dead sister’s children, she never had much time for a career. Although she grew up just a mile from the ocean, it was only when the family moved to Hawaii that she discovered surfing.

TAYLOR BURNS. Elizabeth’s only son, a tech worker who’s deep in debt and no stranger to drugs and wild parties. Possible motive: To inherit and sell his mother’s valuable land on Poke Island. Known to have occasional violent outbursts when on drugs.

DANIEL BURNS. Married to Liz Burns for 26 years, father of Taylor. He quit the Air Force in frustration for a federal job and then retired to teaching. Achieved an unwanted fame when he shot it out with the prime suspect in the Jefferson Road serial murder case. Possible motive in the death of Liz Burns : To keep the Poke Island property from passing to Taylor, and to jettison his wife so he could romance his housekeeper. His dream of owning a new airplane could only be accomplished by selling the beach property.

BILLIE MCGINN. Owner of Summit Properties Group, she is the undisputed queen of Shipwreck Bay real estate. She has long been shadowed by the suspicion that she’d poisoned her husband in order to get control of the business. POSSIBLE MOTIVE in the death of Liz Burns: Owns the property on either side of the Burns family’s Poke Island lot. Liz Burns’ demise would turn the property over to her son TAYLOR BURNS. That could be a crucial step in Billie’s dream of building the island’s only hotel.

NICK KATANJIEV immigrated from Ruse, Bulgaria to the United States, where he had notions of being a competitive body builder. That didn’t quite work out, so he developed other income streams. POSSIBLE MOTIVE: To follow the orders of his patron and employer, BILLIE McGINN.

BUTCHIE BLOCK. Volatile ex-con, he was briefly a boyfriend of Liz Burns and had been seen with her in recent months. He served time in State Prison for drowning an enemy. Possible motive: Revenge, jealousy.

MARCO GONZALEZ. Longtime captain of the Poke Island ferry. His boat did not make its final run on the night Liz Burns went missing. The police asked him why. He disappeared the next day. Possible motive: Known to be aggressive toward women, he’d been twice accused of sexual assault.

Karen Slater. Taylor’s former girlfriend, she hated her tech job and dreamed of starting a cafe. Possible motive: Taylor’s inheritance of that property would have provided startup money.

RICK LOWE. Known locally as a thief and con-man. Ran off with Karen to Silicon Valley and is the likely actor if Karen’s scheme came to murder. Possible motive: To bring Taylor’s inheritance within Karen’s grasp.

ARTIE BUCHANAN. Drug dealer and the last person to see Liz Burns alive. He is the source of drugs for Taylor and his friends. Possible motive: In the weeks before her demise, Elizabeth Burns had complained to her husband about Artie’s drug dealing. That complaint led police to raid Artie’s apartment. The cops shot his dog during that raid.

MARIANA ROSA. Part-time housekeeper for the Burns family since they returned to Shipwreck Bay 8 years ago. Since Liz Burns’ disappearance, she has become Dan Burns’ live-in lover. Possible motive: Disposing of Liz Burns would have opened the way for her to become the main woman in the Burns household. Her son Ben, a dishonorably discharged Marine, is a possible actor.