The author

Tim Mahoney is the author of novels, a play and a history of America’;s gangster era.

Year of the Rooster

See, a couple of New Jersey wise guys figured they could take over the Honolulu rackets …

If the Dead Could Speak

Soft-hearted gangster Mick Powers is shocked when his so-called friends burn a prostitute to death — turns out, they had a reason. Not a good reason. But a reason…

Dead Like Lazarus

#2 in the Mick Powers series. Mick and his crazy girlfriend Myrtle get tangled up in a kidnapping pulled off by the “Ma Barker” gang

Dead Messenger

#4 in the Mick Powers series.

Alvin Karpis and Fred Barker have a use for Mick … and then intend to dispose of him.

Dead a Long Time

#2 in the Mick Power series.

Mick’s young neighbor Janie gets in trouble when she investigates a series of bank robberies.

Jack’s Boy

It’s November, 1963. A young veteran is recruited by US intelligence to spy on a nightclub owner named Jack Ruby.

Reverse Lightning

It’s 2062. There are 13 wounded nations where America used to be. This is the story of one of those nations, headed by an egotistical billionaire.

Hollaran’s World War

We’re Not Here

Secret Partners

Good Friday With Dillinger (a one-act play).

The Resurrection of John Dillinger

The Resurrection of John Dillinger

Johnny’s in town. J. Edgar’s on his trail. Gangster Moll Bess Green wants to know, should we cook dinner, or order Chinese?