Pixter 5: Night with Tasha


Billie McGinn runs Summit Realty. She began as just another agent, and then married the boss, Harold McGinn. A few years later, the old fella keeled over while they were at a fancy restraurant.

Summit Realty owns a lot of choice property around town. There were three suspects in his poisoning, including Billie, but no charges were ever filed.


Billie is now interested in Artie Buchanan. Despited the fact that she balled him over the weekend, it’s not a romantic interest.

She asks her Gal Friday Stephanie to get her a meeting with Artie. Billie wants to talk about a certain property on Poke Island.


Joey Warkowski, rock musician and love of Tasha’s live, is on permanent tour with his band Wart Hogg. So Tasha makes a date to go clubbing with Taylor Burns.

She gets totally wasted on club drugs and dances the night away. Taylor just drinks wine and talks with old friends on the club’s river patio.

Taylor would be interested in a romance with Tasha, but she’ll commit to no man but Joey.

High times

When the club closes, Tasha and Taylor ride back to his condo. Tasha glowing with a ecstatic high, sheds her clothes and…


… takes to the Taylor’s bed as if she lived there.

“The lights in this room are so lovely,” Tasha enthuses. “Such lovely, lovey lights.”


She and Taylor enjoy casual sex but in the morning, Tasha is feeling rank. She pukes. But she has to clean up and get going.

It’s Sunday morning, and she’s due to pull a volunteer shift at the Suicide Hot Line.

Her father, a locally famous TV anchor, committed suicide in his hunting cabin five years ago.


On the way out, Tasha promises to probe the connection between Billie McGinn, Nick, and Cammie.

She’s pretty sure there’s a juicy story in there somewhere, maybe even a magazine piece that will help her pay the rent.


Later that Sunday, Adora heads to Poke Island’s nude beach. She wants to sun topless because Nick has promised to take her to live at the Black Sea resort of Varna, Bulgaria.

It’s famous for its nude beaches, Nick claims, and Adora, with her American tan lines, will be laughed at on the beaches.


The nude beach is close to Artie’s cottage, but Adora feels she can privately sunbathe behind a ruined rowboat.

There she acquires a topless tan while reading the book Beginnings in Bulgarian.