Pixter 6: Babe beach


Det. Bonnie Blanchard informs Taylor that his mom’s wedding ring and partial remains have been found. Now that she is confirmed dead, Det. Blanchard of the homicide squad is taking over the case.

And Taylor, who inherits his mom’s valuable lot on Poke Island, is a prime suspect.

Shady friends

Det. Blanchard says she knows that Taylor has become violent during bad trips and that his best friend Artie is a drug dealer.

She also accuses him of consorting with Butchie Block, a friend of Artie’s who’s on parole after drowning a man 8 years ago.

babe beach

Taylor goes out to see Artie on Poke Island. Artie is using his telescope to spy on Babe Beach. Out in the ocean naked is Maggie from the Wonder Bar, and closer in is Penny LaFore

Penny’s a pre-law student at Holy Trinity, the same woman he saw run out of the Wonder Bar when Nick was performing.


Also at Babe Beach but over in the “shy corner” is Cammie’s cousin Adora.

Taylor thinks Adora might talk since Nick’s not on the island. But Adora takes the long way around, through the bird sanctuary, to avoid passing Artie’s cottage.

maggies dream

Maggie and Penny pass the cottage on their way home, but only Maggie stops to visit. She tells Taylor and Artie she has no idea why Adora’s at the nude beach.

Artie doesn’t cook but Taylor has kitchen skills and is making Boulangerie Potatoes for lunch.

He invites Maggie, promising a Parisian feast, and Maggie accepts with a sigh. “Some day I’ll get to Paris,” she says.