Pixter 3: The Party


Although Artie didn’t want a 40-ish Realtor at his party, he is soon mesmerized by Billie. She’s kept herself in shape, is intelligent, witty, and haughty.

Artie tries to wow her with a bottle from his father’s extensive wine cellar. “Seems a bit off,” Billie says.


Taylor perks up when Lisa Lang walks in the door and shakes the sand from her bare feet. Lisa was a senior at Shipwreck Bay High School when Taylor, then a freshman, fell in lust with her.

In high school, Lisa was a bad girl, defying convention and authority, always going off with grown men in fancy cars.

For a while she had boyfriend rich enough to own race horses.

Nick’s complaint

Nick starts grousing about Mexican immigrants, and how in his opinion they are ruining America and should be forced to speak English.

The Poke Island ferry captain is Mexican, and Nick recounts arguing with the man over signs posted in Spanish.

Nick pulled what looked like a driver’s license out of his pocket, waved it around, pointed at Billie. “Americans! You commit suicide, open the gates to criminals.”

Billie’s answer

Billie admonishes Nick. “You are an immigrant yourself,” she says.

Nick fires back and accuses Billie of hiring illegal aliens to work in her spa. That brings up the subject of Cammie

Taylor asks

“So what happened to this Cammie?” Taylor asks Billie.

“Billie’s business, not yours,” Nick growls. “Strictly business matter.”

“You know her?” Taylor asks Nick. “You know Cammie?”

“Sometimes,” Nick says, “shut up is best policy.”

Pink powder

Artie passes around a drug, a powder in foil, and Taylor takes a hit. So does everyone but Nick, who claims it is “bad for body.”

Taylor goes on a wild trip in which he seems to be a pirate on stormy seas.


When Taylor re-enters reality, he sees that Lisa and Steffie are flirting on the couch. Lisa has been known to have girlfriends as well as boyfriends.

Taylor feel bummed. He’d hope to finally get his chance with Lisa this weekend.


On the couch next to him, Billie and Artie are shedding clothes and going at it.

Where is Billie’s party date, Nick? Apparently he stormed out and now is pacing the gazebo deck. This can only be trouble.


Artie and Billie head into the bedroom and start going at it atop the quilt.

Nick was watching from the gazebo as his date fucked a guy ten years younger, and half his size.

Taylor worries that the Bulgarian muscleman is going to freak out and kill them all.


But Nick, Lisa and Steffie have gathered out on the deck, and are engaged in a strip show of their own.

Taylor, the odd man out, is now feeling quite jangled by the paranoid aftereffects of Artie’s pink powder.


Taylor wanders to the dark backside of the cottage and is joined there by a half-naked Stephanie. She embraces him from behind.

Yes, Taylor is staring out to sea at the very spot where his mom was last seen alive.


The fog has blown off to reveal a night of glorious stars. Stephanie volunteers to give Taylor a ouija board reading. She says it will put him in touch with his mom’s spirit.

But when they go inside, they end up having frantic sex on the couch.


Lisa has been alone on the deck, drinking vodka straight from the bottle. She says she is a Wiccan and has a license to marry people.

She offers to marry Steffie and Taylor on the spot, but then, too wobbly to stand, she plops down on the deck.


Taylor, waking up in the dark beside a sleeping Stephanie, wanders out to the deck. There he sees Lisa, passed out under the stars.

He puts a pillow under her head, and covers her with a blanket before heading back in to sleep.


Taylor wakes up to a foggy morning and finds Lisa just emerging from the shower.

They’re alone. Artie is out fishing. Steffie is walking the beach. Nick and Billie, quarreling, have already left for the ferry.


Lisa regrets having gotten drunk and making a fool of herself. She had been sober for 17 months until last night.

She says she realizes there’s no point to drinking, since “When I sober up, I’m still me.”


Lisa reveals something she didn’t want to mention last night, with everybody party-drunk.

When Lisa caught the ferry, she spied a rusty red pickup truck in the dock’s parking lot. Cammie was in the driver’s seat, and alone in the truck.

Lisa feels that Cammie intended to come to the party, but changed her mind when she saw Billie and Nick get on the ferry.

“Well,” Lisa says, “Nick’s her pimp. You know that right?”


“If you want to find out more about Nick and Cammie”, Lisa says, “see my friend Maggie at the Wonder Bar. Every Wednesday is Ladies Night, and Nick is a featured performer.

“And Nick’s girlfriend Adora tags along for every performance.”

“Who’s Adora?”

” Cammie’s minder,” Lisa says. “And that dopey girl needs one.”