Pixter 2: Poke Island

Poke Isle ferry

Taylor and his best friend Artie are headed to Poke Island for a weekend of partying. Taylor tells Artie about Cammie’s cry for help.

Artie is not convinced, and accuses Taylor of “playing Sir Galahad.


Artie Buchanan is a trust fund baby who will never work a day in his life. He gets full use of his parents cottage at the posh end of Poke Island. It comes with its own private beach.

There, each summer weekend, holds parties notorious for nude hijinks and rampant drug use.


So at the cottage, Taylor and Artie await the first guests. Artie carefully quizzes Taylor about Karen Slater. She broke off engagement with Taylor, and left with another guy for Silicon Valley.

Taylor’s heartbroken, and doesn’t want to talk much about it.


The first guest to emerge from the evening fog is Stephanie Voss. She’s gotten her hair dyed nuclear green, and is wearing heavy Goth makeup, ton go with her Gothic Times outfit.

Artie’s not that happy to see her. Steffie is a mystic, and Artie doesn’t want her voodoo to darken the party. Besides, he figures, she’s probably going to make a play for Taylor.


Behind Steffie walks Billie McGinn. She’s much older than the typical partier at Artie’s. She’s notorious as the queen of local real estate, and has long been suspected of poisoning her husband.

What’s she doing at my party, Artie wonders.


Lagging behind is Nick Katanjiev, apparently Billie’s date. He’s a muscleman who immigrated from Bulgaria, and Artie’s not quite sure how he makes his living.

“Nick?” BIllie says and turns around to glare at him as he walks the beach. “I’ve already had it with Nick.”