Pixter 1: The spa gift


Hoping to ease his pain on the anniversary of his mom’s disappearance, Taylor checks into the best spa in Shipwreck Bay for a massage.

An anonymous friend has sent him gift card that’s good a one-hour session.


Taylor meets his masseuse, Cammie, and she has him remove his shoes before he can enter the spa. “It keeps us in touch with Mother Earth,” she says.

Cammie seems young, naive and a bit spacey.


Taylor slips into spa shorts and eases into the hot tub. But being immersed in water only reminds him of his mom’s fate — to drown while surfing. Or at least that was the assumption.

The police, and Shipwreck Bay’s gossips, suspect there’s a a dark story.

The rub

Cammie lets in the foggy sunlight so characteristic of Shipwreck Bay. She places her hands over his head, and murmurs something, and begins the massage.

Taylor finally relaxes.


A few minutes after Taylor’s massage begins, Stephanie Voss enters the room on the pretext of checking on the plants.

Steffie manages the books for the spa’s owner. She’ been in love with Taylor since they were 12 years old.


Taylor turns over on his back and is surprised when Cammie touches his penis. This spa is the classiest in town, and in now way a happy ending joint.

Steffie clears her throat, and both Cammie and Taylor look up.

Who me?

“I do hope I’m not interrupting your fun,” Steffie says. Cammie rushes out of the room. Taylor sits up on the massage table.

Taylor says he hopes Steffie won’t report Cammie to the spa’s owner.

“Who, me?” says Steffie.


Cammie, changing into street clothes, watches from behind a privacy screen as Steffie scold Taylor.

Steffie feels betrayed. “I’m the one who gave you that gift card,” she reveals. “And this is how you pay me back?


Taylor walks around the corner to Peace, Love and Coffee to gather his thoughts over a cup of java.

His cell phone rings with a message from Cammie. It consists of one word: