Meet the characters

Liz Burns

Disappeared, presumably while surfing, and has been missing for over a year. A good Air Force wife until she discovered surfing in Hawaii, Liz became estranged from her husband when they moved back to Shipwreck Bay. She was the mother of Taylor Burns, and substitute mom of her dead sister’s children, Annie and Jamie.

Taylor Burns

He’s returned to Shipwreck Bay from State College with a math degree and a well-paid job at Console Graphics. But he still hasn’t gotten over being dumped by Karen Slater. And he hasn’t been able to accept that his mother, missing for so long, must have drowned or been murdered.

Dan Burns

Former Captain in U.S. Air Force Security, he’s now retired and teaching police science. His passion is flying, and his dream is a new Cessna. He’s a prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife, Elizabeth Burns.

Stephanie Voss

Gal Friday at Summit Realty, she pines for a better job, and for a connection to Taylor Burns. She’s had a thing for Taylor since they met on the Boardwalk when they were twelve years old.

Tasha Wolf

Part-time disc jockey, part-time journalist, full time admirer of her boyfriend Joey, who’s shot to fame with his band WartHogg. Joey and his band are off on long residence in Prague. Tasha, needing something to do, decides to take a new look at a case she broke years ago: The serial murders of six prostitutes along Jefferson Road.

Artie Buchanan

Trust fund baby, compulsive gambler and party host at his exclusive Poke Island property. Artie’s never had a job, and never done anyone a wrong turn. But he’s keeping a terrible secret from his best friend, Taylor Burns.

Lisa Lange

Once a notorious party girl, Lisa has sobered up and gained insight into herself and others. Her motto? Embrace your hell. She’s a masseuse and a card-carrying Wiccan.

Billie McGinn

Orphaned at age 4, Billie has risen to wealth and notoriety as the boss of Summit Realty. Many suspect her of poisoning her husband to get her hands on his business. Billie’s goal is to build the first and only hotel on Poke Island. But she needs the Burns property to achieve that dream. A suspect in the Liz Burns case.

Butchie Block

Convicted of manslaughter years ago, he’s on parole from Stateville Prison. As a young man, made his bones as a motorcycle thief. Currently looking for work to please his parole officer, and making money as mule for designer drugs. A suspect in the Liz Burns case.

Nick Katanjiev

Bulgarian immigrant and failed Olympics hopeful, Nick has found success running a prostitution ring just outside Shipwreck Bay. His goal is to return home to Ruse, Bulgaria a wealthy and admired man.

Penny LaFore

Pre-law student who’s been holding on tight to a dark family secret. Via an internship, she gets involved in a re-evaluation of the Jefferson Road Serial Killer case.

Paul LaFore

Father of Penny, sugar daddy of Maggie Hughes. Paul is a top mover-shaker in Shipwreck Bay’s large Catholic community, but during the week he’s off in The City. No one knows precisely what he does up there, but it’s very profitable and involves exporting containers.

Maggie Hughes

Former waitress, she stepped up to somehow become the owner of the Wonder Bar. People around town suspect it really belongs to her sugar daddy, Paul LaFore, who makes his abundant income in mysterious ways.

Bonnie Blanchard

Recently promoted to homicide detective for Bayside County, Bonnie is pursuing leads her male colleagues have dropped in the disappearance/murder of Elizabeth Burns. She’s a weekend poker player and mother of two college students.

Adora Vang

Jailed 3 times for shoplifting, Adora has gone straight with a scut-work kitchen job at Console Graphics. She’s hooked up with Nick Katanjiev, and helps in his dirty business. She believes in Nick’s dream of a glorious return to his hometown.

Cammie Vang

Chronically unable to hold a job, Cammie has drifted into the orbit of her cousin Adora and Adora’s boyfriend Nick Katanjiev. Cammie began by cleaning rooms at a hot-pillow joint, but Nick eventually lured her into prostitution. Has no boyfriend and absolutely no ambitions.

Mariana Rosa

Formerly a housekeeper for the Burns household, she’s become Dan’s live-in lover since Liz went missing. She’s not a strong suspect in the Burns case, but she does have motive, and her son has earned a nasty reputation around town and in the Marines.

Karen Slater

Former fiance of Taylor Burns, she split for California with her new squeeze, Rick Lowe. The two of them split for the West Coast just after Liz Burns went missing, and some think that timing is suspicious. Lifelong ambition: Open a french-style cafe, if only she can raise the money.

Rick Lowe

A Shipwreck Bay hustler, Rick literally crashed into Karen Slater’s life. Promising to help her fulfill her dream of running a restaurant, he persuades her to leave Taylor Burns and move to California.

Jamie Walsh

Video game addict who’s just turned 14, he’s suffered the death of his mother and then the aunt who took him in. He looks up to his older cousin Taylor Burns because Taylor works at a video-game maker.

Annie Walsh

12 years old and devastated by the loss of her mom and aunt, Annie won’t each much of anything except for ice cream. She is obsessed with her aquarium fish and wants to grow up to be a deep sea diver.