Chapter 1: The spa

On the anniversary of his mom’s disappearance, Taylor redeems a gift card, good for one massage at the local spa.

But there’s a lot more to the spa experience than he thought.

Chapter 2: Queen Billie

Why would Billie McGinn, queen of Shipwreck Bay real estate, show up at a party for the young and wild crowd?

And why would she bring a Bulgarian thug along?

Chapter 3: The Bulgarian

When his date pairs off with another guy, Nick Katranjiev storms to the gazebo and stares at the ocean. Is he planning revenge?

Chapter 4: The Wonder Bar

Responding to a desperate cry for help, Taylor shows up at the Wonder Bar, only to be repulsed by a wall of women.

Chapter 5: Tasha

Local DJ Tasha Wolfe gets smashed out of her mind on X, comes home with Taylor, and reveals secrets.

Chapter 6: Babe Beach

Maggie, owner of the Wonder Bar (or is she, really?) visits the nude beach with her acolyte, Penny. But Maggie’s keeping a terrible secret from the youngster.

Chapter 7: kidnapped

Nick the Bulgarian takes Taylor for a ride. Taylor is informed, none to gently, that he’d better stay out of Nick’s business.

Chapter 8: Penny

Penny the Barista kind of likes Taylor, but she’s holding back because, well … she can’t really talk about it right now. Although you can hardly stop her from talking about everything else.

Chapter 9: A seaside rendezvous

Billie’s got her on eye on trust-fund baby and drug dealer Artie Buchanan, but not for the obvious reasons.

Chapter 10: Tasha’s offer

Tasha, returning to her roots as a journalist, offers to help Taylor crack some of Shipwreck Bay’s many mysteries.

Chapter 11: Artie vs. the Deputy

Artie was the last person to see Taylor’s mom alive. Deputy Bonnie Blanchard corners him and reviews the case. Bonnie’s suspect list has grown to ten, and Artie’s on it.

Chapter 12: Billie’s proposal

Billie lays out a plan to develop the beachfront property Taylor will inherit from his mom. But she has more in mind than she’s telling him.

Chapter 13: The App

Nick the Bulgarian is sorry for his rough treatment of Taylor, and offers a deal.

Chapter 14: Under suspicion

The deputy brings Taylor in to watch him sweat.

Chapter 15: Family gathering

Taylor and his Dad get into an argument over mom’s beachfront property.

Chapter 16: Fancy with Penny

Penny’s internship with the sheriff’s department raises interesting complications.

Chapter 17: Flex time

Things aren’t going so well at Console Graphics ….

Chapter 18: Bad news

The sheriff’s deputy is focusing on Taylor as the prime suspect in his mom’s disappearance.

Chapter 19: Butchie beach

The news that he was a prime suspect in his mother’s murder sends Taylor searching for a trusted friend.

Chapter 20: The bargain

The Bulging Bulgarian delivers.

CHAPTER 21: Home and farm

Taylor’s curiosity reaches its limit.

Chapter 22: Adora knocks

Searching for her lost and vulnerable cousin, Adora barges in.

Chapter 23: ‘Never trust a white guy.’

Butchie and Artie leave town on a quest to find Marco the Ferryman.

Chapter 24: The order

Tasha’s tapped her sources to dig up something unpleasant from long ago and far away.

Chapter 25: Where’s Marco?

Butchie and the fellas track Marco to The City and extract a confession.

Chapter 26: Steffie’s Mom

A visit to Melanie Voss, ER nurse, brings in a troubling history.

Chapter 27: Safe at home

Taylor seeks refuge at his dad’s home, and at Maggie’s.

Chapter 28: Into the shadows

Penny sees something she wasn’t meant to see.

Chapter 29: The stalker

Taylor journeys to Poke Island to confront his nemesis.

Chapter 30: A new plan

Steffie consults the Tarot, and sees anxiety and fear.

Chapter 31: The haircut

Taylor looks into the mirror and makes a big decision.

Chapter 32: The insult

Butchie’s had it with Taylor, and vice-versa.

Chapter 33: The turtle

Penny makes a startling discovery on the beach.

Chapter 34: The Avenger

The wounded Butchie is a new man.

Chapter 35: Confession in black and white

The elusive Marco, a key man in the disappearance of Liz Burns, confesses to detectives.

Chapter 36: Karen’s share.

Taylor’s former fiance returns from Silicon Valley, with a purpose.

Chapter 37: Tasha digs

Something about the Jeff Road murders still bugs Tasha.

Chapter 38: A really, really bad thing

Artie and Butchie hold a frank talk beachside.

Chapter 39: Rick arrives

Rick Lowe arrives in Shipwreck Bay, and now Karen’s plan is in full swing.

Chapter 40: Butchie’s suspicions

Butchie has thought it over, and pronouced Billie McGinn guilty of murder.

Chapter 41: What Penny saw

A visit to the community college opens a whole new realm of probabilities.

Chapter 42: Karen and Rick visit

The two call on Taylor and make a claim.

Chapter 43: Something evil?

Maggie wonders if Karen’s relationship with Rick has corrupted her.

Chapter 44:
Bonnie v. Billie

It’s all about the real estate.

Chapter 45:
Costa Rica or Paris?

Winter’s coming, and Paul wants to go somewhere warmer.

Chapter 46:
The Falls

Nick and Adora go for a skinny-dip at the Falls, and encounter an unpleasant surprise.

Chapter 47:

Tasha’s investigation, lubricated by margaritas.

Chapter 48:
Bonnie v. Nick

The Bulgarian fella undergoes questioning.

Chapter 49:
She’s dissatisfied

Tasha visits Rick in jail.

Chapter 50:
A home visit

Tasha tracks down Adora.

Chapter 51:
‘I did, Artie.’

Taylor can’t keep his secret any longer.

Chapter 52:
Bonnie’s new friend

A frustrated investigator tries a new tactic.

Chapter 53:
Butchie’s apology

The tough guy asks for forgiveness.

Chapter 54:

Tasha tracks down a key witness.

Chapter 55:
Flounder season

Chapter 56:
‘A better place’

Chapter 57:
The rock

Chapter 58:
‘My name is …’

Chapter 59:
The garage

Chapter 60:
The fog